May 15, 2020

To Our Customers and Partners:

Over the past 9+ weeks we have seen the world and our lives change. The way we communicate and function as a business has experienced a transformation like none that many of us have witnessed in our lifetime. New operating standards are being created, new policies and procedures are being implemented and even some efficiencies are being realized as a result of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team at Asbury has joined together to tackle this challenge and has done so admirably, with a keen focus on serving our customers and caring for each other and I am immensely proud of them for their collective efforts; they are the embodiment of Asbury Strong!

Through their direct efforts, I remain happy to state that all Asbury facilities world-wide are operational, albeit some are on partial operating schedules as a result of the current economic climate, nonetheless, we stand ready to fulfill our customer commitments.

At present we are also preparing for the re-opening of our Corporate Office and have updated our COVID Response Plan to include additional enhanced sanitizing guidelines and new standards to help keep our people there safe and healthy. As stated in the past, we continue to be vigilant with our efforts in this space and the result is that we have had very few employees directly infected by the virus.

As always, we will continue to provide updates on our operational status as frequently as possible through your typical internal contacts and through notification on our website at

Once again, I thank you for the privilege to serve you. Stay safe.


Noah Nichelson
Asbury Carbons, Inc.