Edge Functionalized Graphene

Reliably delivering high-quality graphene worldwide for coatings, polymer composites, metal composites, construction, energy storage and more!  

Asbury’s environmentally friendly process offers a method to produce high-quality functionalized graphene at industrial volumes affordably. Benefits of EFG include corrosion prevention, improved mechanical properties, and enhanced wear protection.  

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EFG - Stength Electron Mability - Thermal Conductivity-

Material Science - Graphene is 100 times stronger than steel and small amounts of graphene can create new materials with enhanced strength.

Commodity Pricing - Garmor products leverages a simplistic manufacturing process to deliver the lowest-priced graphene on the market today.

Conductivity - With electrical conductivity exceeding that of copper, graphene converts insulating materials into conductive materials.

Joint Development - Have an existing product that could benefit from graphene? Contact us about joint development opportunities.



The Garmor product range is developed to be a simple yet effective method of producing edge-functionalized graphene. Whereas traditional methods have relied upon powerful oxidizing agents and acids to produce graphene, the Garmor product line relies upon new advances in milling technology to produce edge-functionalized graphene yielding only water as a by-product. These proprietary achievements eliminate hazardous waste disposal costs and deliver a product suitable for large-scale production at commodity-type prices. 

Producing edge-functionalized graphene specifically with high-volume applications in mind. The edge-functionalized graphene is hydrophilic, readily suspended in water, and can be functionalized with unique groups. It’s an ideal choice for customers looking to improve the mechanical strength as well as the electrical and thermal conductivity of polymers, coatings, and certain composites. It has also been shown to substantially improve the mechanical strength of cement.


Production technology yields clean edge-functionalized graphene

● 100 Production Capacity (tons) ● 99.9 Purity (%) ● 0 Waste Produced ●

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