From nano-metric fabrication and flammable materials handling to toll, standard and highly customized processing, we have the equipment, experience, and world-wide facilities to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.

Standard & Custom Processing

Whether you want to choose from our more than 1,000 pre-engineered standard grades and packaging or every aspect customized to suit, we deliver. Capabilities range from crushing, grinding, fine grinding, and screening to blending, drying, pelletizing, and the manufacture of coatings and dispersions. Packaging includes 15 lb. to 55 lb. bags, super sacks, and drums, palletized and stretch wrapped. Custom blends are also available with your company branding or standard packaging. For smaller quantities, access our Asbury store.

Toll Processing

Expert in both liquid and powder toll processing, we're among the only manufacturers equipped to process or pelletize your materials to meet proprietary specifications. This includes powder processing of both carbon and non-carbon materials and liquid dispersions of select materials in water, solvent and oil carriers. We'll also work with your formulas to disperse graphite and other solid lubricants to create a cleaner environment.

To get started, simply determine your specifications and materials and send SDS to our Technical Services department, or contact (908) 537-2155.

Liquid Dispersions

High tech, high performance, and featuring the critical suspension stability you need, our standard line and custom- formulated water, solvent and oil-based graphite lubricants and coatings are engineered on-demand to meet your exact specifications.

Whether formulated to maximize dry lubrication, release properties, electrical conductivity or thermal resistance, you'll have manufacturer-direct access to technical support and quality information, as well as just in time delivery to ease supply chain pressures and costly inventory/warehousing constraints. We're also among the only manufacturers to offer toll production and flammable liquid processing while adhering to our strict safety standards. Check our Asbury Store for select products.

Quality Focus

Where we define the best product for your needs and ensure that its quality is unsurpassed. Our ISO 9001 certified corporate quality management system ensures the strict process standardization, testing and product consistency from each of our global locations. Our Quality labs set and maintain industry best practices. Using the latest technology and equipment we perform the critical real-time testing required to meet our elite standards and exceed your expectations.

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