We’ve earned our place as the leading supplier of engineered materials to the global friction industry, building our extensive line of products, marketing channels, sales and engineering resources, and technical capabilities to meet and exceed your needs.

With global locations and sales to every industrialized country in the world, we can source and supply faster and far more reliably than our competition.

Options include:

Raw materials

Natural and synthetic graphite, specialty carbons such as carbon fibers, activated carbon, hard carbon, and carbon black, Graphco, metallurgical cokes, and petroleum cokes.

Specialty solid lubricants

Boron nitride, molybdenum disulfide, and calcium fluoride

Friction modifiers and specialty materials listed below:

Magnesium Oxide

Mechanomade® (copper replacement):

  • Low density / high specific surface metals, resists mixing segregation / improves mix homogeneity
  • Thermal conductivity from metallic nature and particular flake morphology improves curing process and high temperature performance
  • Mechanomade® FA25: constant overall performance even at high-loading, low fade and good recovery
  • Improves pad and disc wear contributing to the formation of a constant and uniform third layer
  • Good corrosion and disc stick resistance in testing

Prochim Series:

  • Prochim GP: Thermoplastic polymer developed as a solution for noise comfort and performance in friction applications
  • Prochim D: Iron alumina-silicate developed as an alternative to other similar sands


  • Improves ingredient dispersion in mix
  • Raw materials anti-segregation properties
  • Modifies electrostatic properties of organic fiber as aramid and PAN fibers, improves mix powder affinity
  • Compatible with phenolic resin
  • Cellulose content improves the green strength of the pads
  • Low density of friction materials yields materials saving


Friction stabilizer for low steel formulations with iron oxide composition

Ultimate Series:

For all applications of disc brake pads and linings

  • Stabilizes friction coefficient in a wide range of temperatures
  • Improves NVH by reducing noise and vibration
  • Less wear / increased durability of brake pads and brake discs
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to lubricants including antimony trisulfide and molybdenum disulfide

Zirconium Silicate:

Abrasive modifier with high temperature stability / coefficient of friction

Or tell us what you need. We’ll use our expansive network and top scientific and engineering teams to meet your tight specification controls and supply chain requirements.

Asbury EcoGreen for Friction

EcoGreen for Friction is an environmentally solution designed by Asbury engineers that:

  • is pH neutral and low in Vanadium and Nickel (Less than 10 ppm each)
  • is low in Copper (less than 10 ppm)
  • is crystalline silica-free
  • has the same toughness as conventional calcined petroleum coke and will not melt or soften at any temperature
  • is an environmentally friendly alternative to high metals, high sulfur conventional calcined petroleum coke friction additives

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