Asbury offers an extensive line of carbon and non-carbon cast metal products complimented by our expert technical support and custom product design for steel mill and foundry markets. This includes our pelletized options that offer low dust and great value aimed at keeping your plant clean and efficient.

It’s more than just our global reach and breadth of products that help us earn lifetime customers. At Asbury, we get to know your operation – your people, plant, processes, and equipment – so we can think with you, add value, and find cost effective ways to service your unique needs.

Here's a listing of applications our products serve:

Steel Mills

  • High or low sulfur ladle addition products
  • Injection carbon
  • Charge carbon
  • Slide gate lubricants
  • Temperature measurement devices (Canada)


  • We offer wide range of carbon / graphite products for ferrous / non-ferrous operations and precious metals refining.
  • Slag pot non-stick coatings
  • Graphite skimming rods
  • Temperature measurement devices (Canada)

Ferrous Foundries

  • High and low sulfur carbon additives.
  • Low nitrogen additives
  • Carbon sand
  • Ferro Silicon and inoculants (Canada)
  • Sand (Canada)
  • Alloys (Canada)
  • Temperature measurement devices (Canada)

Non-Ferrous Foundries

  • Offers a broad line of water- and solvent-based foundry coatings, including graphite and other refractory coatings. We provide high temperature graphite and boron nitride coatings for the demanding applications within the metals industry and non-stick coatings for launders, troughs, floats, and ladles.
  • Offer machined graphite for furnace liners, stirring rods, molds, metallurgical samplers, etc.
  • Degassing tablets for hydrogen removal
  • Titanium boron grain refining tablets
  • Composite / graphite degassing wands and rotors
  • Cover carbon for copper based alloys
  • Master alloys (Canada)
  • Sand (Canada)
  • Temperature measurement devices (Canada)

We insist on rigorous quality checks throughout the process so your materials meet exact requirements and are backed by a written analysis and certification of each order. And because we’re not dependent on foreign suppliers, you’ll have the benefit of of dealing with one of the most consistent sources in the world.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer in the industry, we look forward to bringing over 120 years of expertise to your important project.

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