Natural Flake Graphite

Known for its high degree of macro-crystallinity, flake graphite’s high thermal and electrical conductivity and low spring-back properties make it excellent in molding, friction, and conductive applications. It is also a choice material for powder metallurgy, batteries, fuel cells, refractories, general lubricants, rubber compounds, pencils, gaskets, and polymer systems.

Asbury is pleased to offer a ready supply of commercial grade flake graphite in purity ranging from 80-99.9% carbon, and sizes from less than 1um to 800um.

Natural Flake Graphite: An in-depth look

Natural Amorphous Graphite

Amorphous graphite, is a microcrystalline form of natural graphite used in drilling, friction, and a variety of lubricant products including greases and other forging lubricants. It excels in applications where low carbon content, and electrical and thermal conductivity is desired. Properly sized amorphous graphite powder is also used to create the correct balance between lubrication and mild abrasion in mechanical seal applications. Amorphous graphite provides exceptional value for engineered solutions requiring a lower cost graphite material.

Asbury is pleased to offer hundreds of grades of amorphous graphite, categorized by size and purity to fit your exact requirements. And with 120+ years of experience in grinding and sizing of these materials, our experts make it easy to identify and source the right graphite for your job.

Natural Amorphous Graphite: An in-depth look

Synthetic Graphite

Synthetic graphite was discovered accidentally in the late 1800’s. This high purity, highly crystalline material is used in a variety of applications including friction, foundry, electrical carbons, fuel cell bi-polar plates, coatings, electrolytic processes, corrosion products, conductive fillers, rubbers and plastic compounds, and drilling applications.

Produced at ultra-high temperatures, impurities are vaporized in this man-made graphite –- including most metal oxides, sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, and any organic components that were part of the original materials.

Asbury offers a full stock of 99%+ carbon synthetic graphite in particle sizes from less than 1um to 2 cm, with fast, efficient delivery to you.

Synthetic Graphite: An in-depth look

Expandable Graphite

An optimal material for fire-retardant applications, this halogen-free, cost-effective graphite expands when heated resulting in an increase in volume of up to 300 times. The resulting expanded flakes are referred to as "char", and provide unique fire retardant properties.

Expandable graphite is also utilized in graphite gasket products, electrically conductive fillers, foundry additives, graphene synthesis, coatings, and other industrial applications.

Unparalleled quality checks make Asbury the top choice for globally-sourced expandable graphite. Our stringent evaluation process, combined with pH buffering and unique storage facilities ensure that your expandable products are properly sized, contaminant-free, without chromic acid (hexavalent chromium), and ready to use in these critical applications.

Expandable Graphite: An in-depth look

Surface Enhanced Flake Graphite (SEFG)

Often used in adhesives, potting compounds, polymers, lubrication systems, coatings, and cover carbon in foundries. SEFG is also an ideal source of graphene nanoplatelets.

This natural graphite material offers outstanding purity, lubricity, conductivity, oil absorption, and compaction properties. Its enhanced surface area is twice that of a similarly sized conventional flake graphite, but offers thinner morphology.

Asbury offers a variety of high-quality surface enhanced flake, the expertise to help you optimize your project, and keep your supply chain moving efficiently.

Vein Graphite

Often used in molded products for electrical applications, including the high-quality carbon brushes and other current-carrying carbon components, vein graphite is known by many names – crystalline vein graphite, Sri Lankan graphite and Ceylon graphite. Its high degree of crystallinity also makes it an ideal choice for advanced brake, clutch, or nearly any flake graphite application requiring a high bulk density.

Vein graphite offers a morphology ranging from flake-like for fine particles, needle or acicular for medium sized particles, and equant grains or lumps for very coarse particles. Asbury offers an array of sizes, with commercial grades readily available in purity ranging from 80-99% carbon and sizes from less than 1um to 10 cm. All reliably sourced for you.

Vein Graphite: An in-depth look

Machined Graphite

Your single source for quality machined graphite, Asbury offers pyrolytic, extruded and isostatic graphite plates, rods, tubes and machined parts ranging from a simple piece for lubricating surfaces to complicated parts machined to exact dimensions and tolerances. These high-quality, high-purity materials offer good thermal stability and high oxidation resistance, and can be selected with specific density, porosity, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties to create the optimal solution for your application. Our expert teams are always ready to deliver the technical knowledge and quality resources you need to keep your supply chain moving efficiently.

  • Common extruded uses: run-out tables, rings, rollers, nozzles, crucibles, mixing rods, wear plates, sleeves, pipes, disks, sintering trays, spacers, susceptors, furnace liners and lubricating blocks for all industries.
  • Common ISO graphite uses: billets, strip, tube and wire casting for various metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, iron (grey & ductile), nickel-silver, nickel-copper, precious metal alloys, silver, and gold, and various EDM applications.
  • Pyroytic graphite is up to 75% lighter and thermally conductive 4 times greater than copper, as well as 99.999% pure and is available in sheet form or thicker. It is ideal in micro processors, semi-conductor, Integrated circuit lids, and laser diodes.

Graphite Nanoplatelets (GNP)

Asbury’s graphite nanoplatelets (GNP) are a series of unique nanometric graphite products manufactured from high-quality parent carbon materials reliably sourced from around the globe. GNP materials feature very high surface areas, and these high-performance nanomaterials are available today in commercial-scale quantities. Our unique manufacturing process yields GNP particles that have been significantly de-agglomerated – providing easier incorporation into your formulation.

Graphite nanoplatelets are an ideal additive for use in engineered composites, high-end forging lubricants, electrically and thermally conductive coatings, infrared (IR) absorbing materials, radar shielding, reinforced polymers, and as a unique graphene precursor material for the streamlined production of graphene nanoplatelets, and graphene oxide.

Our technical experts are available to provide the resources you need to incorporate these exciting nanomaterials into your applications today.

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