Temperature Measurement Devices

Thermocouples and Equipment

Fast, accurate, and reliable liquid metal temperature readings are indispensable tools for cost-effective temperature control during iron and steel production. As the exclusive distributor of Heraeus Electro-Nite sensors in Ontario and Quebec, we offer a wide choice of thermocouple types, probe lengths, and immersion lances to suit all process applications. Plus, additional non-splash designs for improved operator protection and multi-immersion designs are available for critical applications and use in your foundry.

Fiber Feeding Aids

Asbury Wilkinson offers premium fiber feeding aids to the foundry industry for directional solidification with greater metal yield and improved casting quality.

We offer many types of insulating and exothermic riser sleeve formulations and geometries to meet your specific metal type, modulus requirements, molding application and riser removal needs. Exothermic hot toppings, riser covers and exothermic cores help to maximize the feeding performance of your risers.

Our premium fiber feeding aids serve your various applications:


  • Sleeves
  • Dip ladles
  • Blinds
  • Gating tiles
  • Domes
  • Pouring sprues
  • Round neck downs
  • Shanks and ladle liners


Offering top quality products from premium suppliers, Asbury’s one-stop-shop for foundry products makes it easy to bundle everything you need for fast, reliable delivery and reduced shipping costs.

Our high-quality metal carbon and non-carbon crucibles for electric resistance, induction and gas-fired furnace offer maximum alloy flexibility and low-metal cost, reducing your downtime, as well as maintenance and capital costs.

Supplied by Asbury Wilkinson, Ontario, Canada:

  • Alumina/chrome/magnesia
  • Clay graphite
  • Silicon carbide
  • Pure graphite

Sand (offered in Canada only)

Chromite (offered in Canada only)

Specially selected chromite sand provides an elevated point of sintering and high thermal conductivity ideal in the preparation of molds and hot spot castings. Unlike badly washed or low-purity chromite sands that can lead to poor hardening in resin molds and notable defects, our LCM chromite sand is subjected to strict checks on site and before shipment. Plus, a detailed analysis report is provided with each order to guarantee we’re meeting your exact requirements.

Olivine (offered in Canada only)

Used in steel and cast iron foundries, olivine sand is not considered to be hazardous to the lung. Its significant refractory qualities and low dilation provide extremely long product life with up to 97-98% sand regeneration. And unlike silica sands, it improves with use and is resistant to the penetration of molten metal, allowing the quality of the binder to be considerably reduced while obtaining the same level of plasticity and cohesion. It also a provides better surface, especially when casting manganese steel with fewer runners, risers, etc.

Olivine sand performs well with bentonite, clay, sodium silicate, oil, and starch binders, and cores based oil binders dry in less time without the risk of deformation. Plus, it’s reported to save foundries up to 50% on sand costs for each ton of cast iron produced, in addition to saving time on the repair and polishing of stainless and manganese steel castings.

Silica (Industrial Sand) (offered in Canada only)

A high-purity quartz (SiO2) sand deposited by natural processes is used as glass sand, foundry sand, abrasives, fillers, and hydraulic fracturing (frac) sand. Asbury offers high-quality silica sand to reduce the chance of impurities, withstanding high temperatures, mold shaping, release of gases, and support the metal weight, yet be of a fine enough texture to result in a smooth casting.

Zircon (offered in Canada only)

Used widely in steel foundries with particularly high smelting temperatures, as well as in refractory and ceramic production, zircon is a highly refractory sand made with 99% zirconium silicate. This sand is generally used as a skeleton for special mixtures, used where the steel cast is subjected to liquid metal thermal stress and can find use as an organic and inorganic binder.

Carbon Sand

This silica-free and unique form of spherical carbon is an excellent alternative to costly specialty sands for challenging applications. With no melting point, carbon sand will not sublimate or fuse at any temperature. It helps eliminate veining and scabbing, promotes reducing atmosphere in the mold and is excellent for casting large flat sections of iron with ½ inch or greater thickness. Non-abrasive, it offers good heat transfer and is reused in certain metallurgical systems.

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