Asbury Carbons, Inc., the leading global processor of carbon and graphite materials, announced today that it has acquired Garmor, Inc., an advanced materials company based in Orlando, Florida with a patented, environmentally friendly process for the commercial production of Edge Functionalized Graphene (EFG). 

In line with its strategy of growth through diversification, the acquisition of Garmor, Inc. will enhance Asbury’s portfolio of engineered material solutions for adhesives, asphalt, cement, coatings, as well as plastic and metal-matrix composites.

Anastasia Canavan, President and CEO of Garmor, Inc., stated From our first interactions with the team from Asbury, we knew that we had found a partner that had a passion around innovation and a shared vision around the potential of graphene and industrial applications. We truly believe that this is a perfect fit between the capabilities, scale and operational excellence of Asbury and the innovation, creativity and specialization of Garmor.

Jeff Bullington, Chief Technical Officer of Garmor, Inc. added “Garmor has several large scale industrial customers with graphene-enhanced products already on the market and a substantial developing pipe-line in CASE, plastics and ceramics on the immediate horizon. Asbury’s considerable expertise as a supplier into these markets greatly enables Garmor’s ability to effectively scale production to exploit these and other opportunities.”

Noah Nichelson, President of Asbury Carbons, commented “This exciting acquisition further enhances Asbury’s engineered solutions portfolio, and places us directly on the cutting edge of emerging carbon-based material technologies.  We look forward to bringing the technology that the fantastic Garmor team has developed to full-scale commercialization at our Lumberton, North Carolina site.”