February 7, 2024

For decades bakers have confidently depended on graphite based oven chain lubricant for their oven chains. However in recent years there has been growing pressure for bakers to convert to all food grade lubricants in their plants; although suitable substitutes for graphite were either very expensive or in some instances, unavailable. If only graphite were food grade, right?

Well, things have changed with the introduction of. Once again, I thank you for the privilege to serve you.


Hybake Complete Food Grade Lubricant H1

Asbury has done what most people in North America didn’t believe was possible:

  • Eliminated Crystalline Silica Contaminants
  • Included Food Grade Polyalkylene Glycol and Distilled Water in the liquid carrier
  • Included Food Grade Performance Additives
  • Maintained the Performance Standard set by HYBAKE SUPREME.
  • Obtained NSF H1 Designation

Click to see NSF H1 Registration and Product Data Sheets