Russian Sanctions Position Statement


March 10, 2022

Dear Asbury Partners,

As the world watches and reacts to the current Russian invasion of Ukraine Asbury has undertaken a thorough review of our supply chain to analyze supply risk which may be materially impacted by the conflict and associated sanctions in both Europe and the United States.

At this point we’ve identified some limited “force majeure” impacts to our overall supply stream and are working to mitigate those effects. Impacts are generally isolated to European operations or Carbon Black based products. If your products are impacted your Asbury sales representative or agent will reach out to you directly in coming days.

In parallel we continue to carefully monitor impacts on energy costs and “roll up” effects on our logistics and operational expenses. We are taking steps to mitigate or absorb those impacts. If price adjustments or surcharge implementations are necessary you will be notified by your Asbury sales representative or agent.



Noah Nichelson


Asbury Carbons