January 31, 2024

To Our Customers and Partners,

Asbury Carbons is immediately taking steps to build out the Supply Chain function of the organization into three collaborative teams: Procurement, Logistics, and Sourcing. This breakout into complementary areas of supply chain focus will better align the organization with our strategic efforts as we work to centralize demand planning and inventory control.

Daniel Kenny has been appointed the Corporate Procurement Manager. Deborah Montoro (Corporate Supply Chain Specialist) and Ivy Flores (Corporate Supply Chain Assistant) will report directly to Daniel in his new role. Daniel will report directly to Noah Nichelson (President).

Kevin Bolesta will assume the position of Director of Sourcing and Supplier Management. He will continue to support Technical Services as needed while we work to build a longer-term vision of the Technical Services organization, over the course of the next month. Kevin will report directly to Noah Nichelson.

Luke Chesniak will maintain his position as Corporate Logistics Manager reporting directly to Noah Nichelson.


These changes are effective as of February 1, 2024.


Noah Nichelson
President, Asbury Carbons